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Metaverse jobs that will exist in the future

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Are you and your business ready for the metaverse?  

It has been hailed as the 'future of work' ever since Mark Zuckerberg (rather boringly) renamed Facebook as Meta and now we're all talking Web 3.0, NFTs, virtual meetings and so on.

However, there is a serious side for business and its impact on the future jobs space.  If the metaverse actually happens, then many jobs will change and adapt and others will be created.

The world is getting ever more digital, and the jobs needed to make it happen are coming - 2030 isn't that far away and that is mind-blowing.

Original content: Hanadi El Sayyed

10 jobs that will likely exist in the metaverse by 2030

1. Avatar clothing designers

In the metaverse, we'll all exist as avatars - digital versions of ourselves going about our daily lives in virtual reality - but as if we were in the real world. It seems without question that we'll all want to look good and dress in exciting clothing.  

So, who will dress us?

Avatar clothing designers. 

2. Data bounty hunters 

Data mining skills will be more important than ever in the metaverse.  

Data (and its ownership) will be everything - meaning that there is an obvious space for data bounty hunters (who will have the necessary legal and data mining expertise). 

3. Metahuman doctors 

So this one may be more sci-fi, 'beam me up Scotty' than reality, but then again what isn't when it comes to tech transformation?

The ability for medical professionals to diagnose the biometric and physiological data tied to our avatars, and even run tests of potential treatments seems as plausible as it is ridiculous. 

4. Metaverse construct architects 

In order to turn the metaverse into reality, the ability to interact and mobilise within it will be essential, and constructs - which are anything from a place, object, or even experience - will need to be developed to make the metaverse a reality. 

5. Metaverse event directors 

Hugely successful concerts have already been run in VR on platforms such as Fortnite and it stands to reason that digital events will continue to grow in popularity across multiple demographics.  

Specialised metaverse event directors who have the expertise in this new online experience will be in high demand. 

6. Metaverse research scientist 

The metaverse research scientist is essentially the architect of the metaverse and will need a plethora of skills, from software engineering, computer engineering and game development to data science, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and big data engineering.

7. Ecosystem developer 

The ecosystem developer will bring the metaverse infrastructure to life enabling technology and humans to operate as one and will likely work on persuading governments to scale the various metaverse functionalities.

This will take strong lobbying efforts and a keen understanding of the XR industry. 

8. Metaverse safety manager 

Privacy and trust are key to individuals being comfortable using the internet.  

The metaverse safety manager will be key to ensuring we are comfortable living in the metaverse - so it stands to reason that the success of the metaverse is in the hands of the safety manager!

9. Metaverse hardware creator 

The person who'll be designing and creating headsets, cameras and sensors - the new tools we will all have to adopt and adapt to if we are to take our places comfortably within the metaverse.

10. World builder 

Future thinkers will be in high demand in this high-stakes, high-impact role and it could be the most fabulous... or terrifying job title ever.

Image rights: Hanadi El Sayyed 

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