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Beringer Tame Wins Best Online Marketing

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We are very pleased to announce that Beringer Tame won the Best Online Marketing award at this year’s Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards.

We were, quite frankly, a little shocked to win given the strength of the finalists in the category, and the fact that it was the one everyone wanted!

We won for our own internal recruitment campaign, Want An Awesome Job. The campaign is aimed at finding people with potential who don’t know they want to work in recruitment. We therefore had to come up with a campaign that didn’t mention recruitment, Beringer Tame or any specific experience. No biggie!

The resulting campaign spanned a microsite, PPC, social media, video, job boards and even Tinder. We left no stone unturned to find people who might fit the profile of the ideal Beringer Tame consultant (not just any consultant, of course).

The campaign was featured in the October 6th edition of the Financial Times, and we are very happy that it has now won this prestigious award. Our current clients take a great interest in the campaign, and we have already adapted it to help clients find candidates with potential rather than experience.

Most importantly, the campaign worked, bringing five interesting and talented new consultants to the business. 

We think the judges’ comments sum it up rather nicely:

“The winner of this category provided clear evidence of thinking outside the box, highlighting fantastic creativity, originality and innovation. The campaign adopted many online channels, which allowed the campaign to showcase the agency’s personality, creativity and passion for its market. Direct success proves the strategy worked and can be evolved further in the future.”

Click here to read more about the MADRAs, or email us to see how Want An Awesome Job can benefit you.

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