Roles & Sectors

Roles within ecommerce & digital marketing are highly diverse.

The online & digital world is a diverse jumble of evolving business models and organisational structures. As a job seeker and a hiring manager it can be difficult to decipher the myriad of job titles in the market.

Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Job Types

Below is a rough guide of standardised job types in the digital marketing & ecommerce market.  Essentially, the online market place has three types of role (regardless of job titles)...

  1. Retention & Growth
  2. Acquisition
  3. Conversion

1) Retention & Growth


2) Acquisition


3) Conversion 

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We have significant experience of working across both B2C and B2B and have worked for businesses specialising in anything from Travel & Leisure, Entertainment & Ticketing, Fahion & Beauty, though to Fintech.   


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