Digital Marketing Salary Guide

Salary Guide for Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Professionals

We have gathered data from our extensive professional network of over 7,000 candidates to give you a cross-section of salaries* broken down by skill and seniority within digital and e-commerce roles. We hope that this will help give you an accurate picture of the current job market by level of seniority.  

Average salaries in DM & Ecommerce 2020

What should ecommerce executives, managers and directors be earning?

An 'Executive' can earn anywhere from the mid £20k's into the £30k's whereas someone at 'Manager' level could be earning from mid £30k's well into the £80k's depending on experience and seniority.  A 'Head of' / 'Director' could earn anything from £70k all the way up to (& beyond) £200k depending on company type & size, sector and role specialism.

*These are current average salaries taken from our database and are intended as a guide so you can compare each salary to the industry as a whole - not all roles in all companies fit this guide (for example, the Head of E-commerce for a top 10 online retail site is likely to earn more than the Head of Ecommerce for a fledgling online store).


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