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Ecommerce contracting is a great way to work, whether you’re a professional freelancer or just looking for a stop gap. It allows you to work in lots of different places, offers varied experience and financially rewarding. If you are a specialist in a certain area, the contracting world is your oyster.

Here at Beringer Tame, we work with some great ecommerce recruitment clients and always have exciting contract roles up for grabs.

Have a look at our current ecommerce contracting opportunities here.

Whether you’re new to contracting, or just new to Beringer Tame, we’ve put together the essential facts to help you.

1) Should I go for Day Rate or Fixed Term?
This usually depends on the clients requirement. Fixed Term is usually for longer term contracts and you are paid pro-rata, often receiving the same benefits as permanent colleagues but with an end date on yopur contract.  Day rate is more flexible, there is more paperwork for day raters and less job security which means they are often proportionally paid more.

2) How will I get paid?
If you’re on a Fixed Term contract you will be paid by your employer, just like a permanent job. If you’re a Day Rater, you’ll most probably be paid by us via an payroll service provider. It's pretty simple, you will send us a monthly time-sheet (don’t worry, we’ll provide it) along with your invoice and we will pay you within 24 hours.

We have a really useful pack with more detailed information that we can send to you. Simply get in touch with our ecommerce recruitment team or send us your CV and we’ll take things from there!

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